Each team member has their own account which allows them to update their own availability/unavailability for work shifts. This can be done at any time, from any location, via a mobile phone or internet connection.

Permanent employees can put in a request for a change of shift or annual leave. Casual employees can advise of their availability or unavailability. All employees are able to manage their leave requests and track their estimated leave accruals.

Enhance communication with your workforce using SMS messaging, email notifications and our self-service portal.

cc:People facilitates improved communication between supervisors and employees. Send a notification to employees on upcoming available shifts and then record their responses.

Once approved, the system automatically allocates the employee to the relevant shift.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Employees can specify their availability via their web portal account
  • Easy to use – employees simply send a text message to confirm shifts
  • The system is capable of sending and receiving an unlimited number of texts
  • Supervisors can schedule multiple messages to be sent out at a specific time
  • Facilitates better communication between management and employees
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