With the cc:People workforce management system you can create roster templates based on the specific requirements of an individual consumer, residential unit, group home and/or facility. Roster templates are 24/7 and are tailored to take into consideration the following:

  • Funding Sources
    The sophisticated system identifies whether a shift is funded through Commonwealth or State Funded Programs; ISPs; CDC; Fee for Service; or a combination. Costs are then accurately budgeted against employment costs.
  • Shift Type
    Classify shifts as Support Shifts; Sleepovers; Active Nights; ISPs; Admin; Supervision; Team Meetings; or any other customised shift type.
  • Awards, EBAs, and Individual Contracts
    Built-in rules incorporate multiple overarching Awards, EBAs and Individual Contracts to include hourly rates, allowances and penalties, overtime and agency costs.
  • Legislative and Organisation Requirements
    Set your roster template up to automatically account for rest breaks between shifts, total hours worked in a week, suitability to work with a particular client/service.
  • Leave Entitlements and Accruals
    The system captures and calculates your employees annual leave, sick leave, carers leave, public holidays. It provides an easy reference of accumulation of Leave accessible by management and the individual employee.

Once created, Roster Templates are transferred to a weekly, fortnightly or monthly Active Booking Sheet where employees are allocated and shift alterations made. Active Booking Sheets can be cloned from one pay period to the next where there is a stable workforce, to further reduce manual intervention and increase efficiency.

ccpeople-adminCustomised Rosters