cc:People integrates all aspects of workforce scheduling to help you manage your most valuable asset – your employees. The sophisticated employee scheduling system enables you to work smarter to easily and accurately forecast staffing requirements. Workforce management and analysis has never been easier than with our complete, cloud-based platform.

Successful rostering of employees is a notoriously complex task – and nowhere more so than for community services organisations. Ensuring you have the right person in the right place with the right skills at the right time to meet the needs of your consumers means taking into account funding sources, regulatory and award restrictions, qualifications and skills, scheduling constraints, consumer requirements and geographic limitations. With our specialised knowledge of the sector and its challenges we’ve developed the ultimate workforce management system to cover all of your labour forecasting, scheduling and analysis requirements.

cc:People streamlines your existing workforce processes by implementing new efficiencies. Not just a time and attendance or rostering system, cc:People offers built-in best practice and workflow automation to improve the delivery of your services.